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Online Slots for Real Money in USA

Online casinos are spreading like wildfire across the internet, and slot games are by far the world’s favorite. So many gambling sites now offer table games, video poker and, of course, slots for everyone, including players from the United States.

Our Best Online Casinos for Real Money Slots 2019

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Not only do online slots come in all shapes and sizes, but you can also win actual cash on them! Most online casinos also have mobile compatible games, so you can click the button that “spins” the online reels and win big from practically anywhere. Whether you’re on your PC, on the way to work in your car, or you’re on a particularly boring date, and the person you came to the bar with is in the restroom for way too long — who’s to stop you from trying your luck at slots?

Further, with options such as No Deposit Bonuses, casinos give you money to play with, and once you play through it and meet all the requirements, you get cold, hard cash!

If getting free money, playing a game, and walking away a richer (wo)man isn’t the American dream, then we don’t know what is…

There are so many themes and designs when it comes to slots, the variety is mind-boggling. Likewise, they have so many in-game features nowadays, it’s hard to keep track of them all!

With so many options out there, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to hand-pick a few of our all-time favorite online slots just for you. So read on to see where you, the American player, will get the most bang for your buck and have a grand ol’ time.

Slots Pageant

A pageant entails people competing and comparing to see who is the most beautiful and talented. It’s so intrinsically American, that we’ve decided to put online slots to the test and see who makes the cut as the best and brightest.

We’ve decided to group them by theme, so you can easily find one to suit your taste. Keep in mind that all these slots have met our high basic criteria. We’ve picked the most aesthetically pleasing one, the most relaxing one, and the one with the best return-to player percentage!

The Prettiest One — Dragon Orb Slot

Dragon Orb Slot

Playing slots online is an aesthetic experience. Designers have been working hard to make their creations stand out in the immense sea of options, and this otherworldly gem boasts a high payout percentage, and its jackpot is progressive.

All you have to do is pick your desired paylines and you’re good to go. The payout goes both ways, so you’ll lose your childhood fear of dragons for sure after playing this game.

Dragon Orb’s Special Bonus Features

There are Free Spins that you can trigger with the Scatter symbols, but the main prize would be the Dragon Orb Wild.

Like most slots, Dragon Orb has a Wild feature, but it’s what’s known as an expanding Wild. It expands down the line, covering the entire length of the triggered reel!  The Dragon’s claw is there to rake your money in for you. 

The One That Pays Up Like There’s No Tomorrow — 777 Slot

This slot is proof that 7 is a lucky number; they even have it in the payout percentage, which is an incredible 97%! It’s what’s called a medium volatility slot. This is great for any three-reel slots, and we’ll explain. 777 is somewhere in the golden middle when it comes to volatility, which is best in our opinion — you don’t have to wait ages for a payout and it’s perfectly satisfactory when it comes along.

The look of the game has a vintage Las Vegas feel to it, and the soundtrack will make you feel like you’re in a rockin’ rollin’ gambling establishment. 

The 777 Special Bonus Feature

Haven’t you ever wished you could just hold one of the reels in place in the hopes that the other two would align with it one spin later? 

Well, now you can! How lucky is it that 777 has a “Hold” button that can keep one or even two reels in check while the others spin. Of course, the bet amount is adjusted, but it’s still incredibly exciting.

The Most Relaxing Game — Surf Paradise Slot

Surf Paradise Slot

Even if you are the world’s biggest couch potato, you can still surf and get away with it. 

Nowadays, playing slots is like going to the cinema, as they’re so insanely, incredibly hi-tech, and that mind-blowing design and colorful graphics can create user fatigue. 

In order to peacefully surf through your day, you need a slot that will soothe you like a warm, blue wave. Surf Paradise slot was created for all couch (potato) surfers out there by Rival Gaming.

This classic three-reel slot has one payline, but that’s still enough to make any player say “cowabunga!”

The Special Bonus Feature

Surprise — there is none! And that’s the point.

Apart from autoplay, this slot did win as the title of “most relaxing” and therefore, there are no loud, wild, colorful bonuses jumping out at you while you play! It would miss the point entirely if it did that. Surf Paradise is no fuss, simple relaxation at its best, so enjoy this online gem! 

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Can You Play Slots Online for Real Money?

Yes, Sir! Of course you can, even if you’re from the U.S.A. which still has some tight regulations on the subject. Apart from Indian Casinos and the states of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware, there are player options. While some aren’t explicitly legal, they’re also not explicitly prohibited. While offshore gaming isn’t technically allowed, the banking laws provide a loophole for all U.S. players to game the day away in online casinos that accept their business.

What Is the Best Online Casino for US Players?

Every casino that has a good reputation accepts U.S. players and  the American Dollar is a great start! You could always use a VPN changer, but we don’t recommend it, as so many casinos will accept U.S. players without a hitch. But, on top of these basics, the best casinos will be the ones with the best games, so you’d do best to check out our suggestions linked throughout these texts for the best casinos for you!

Is It Illegal to Gamble Online in the US?

No, it is not! Operating a gambling website from within the U.S. is still illegal in most states, but the American player is essentially free to play at any non-U.S. based online casino. Do check the laws for updates, be they good or bad, but for now, there is a lovely legal loophole, and every gambling man from America is taking full advantage of it. So for now, it’s legal to play for real money, just follow the news for any changes and you should be alright.

Which Online Slots Payout the Most?

Slots are a game of chance, but you make use of casino bonuses and check the payout percentage online. This percentage is a bit tricky, however, because you’d need to play the slot for a rather long stretch of time before a high percentage of the money you wagered comes back to you. A high payout is usually considered 96% or more, and our RTG and Rival slots can boast those numbers, so do check them out!

To Sum It Up

Not only is online gaming technically legal in the U.S. (just not on U.S.-based casino sites), many international casinos cater to U.S. customers. To draw them in, they will have excellent customer service any time day or night, and safe and secure payment methods with the U.S. dollar option. All you have to do is meet wagering requirements when playing online casino games on offer.

Slots are everyone’s favorite, and with so many options, the U.S. player is allowed to be picky. You can most definitely play some online slots for real money from the USA. Whether you love good graphics, a huge RTP or just to relax while you spin, you’ve got you covered. We’ve done the testing out for you, so all you have to do is click the links we’ve provided and play all day from the comfort of the great USA!

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