Best USA Online Casinos and Games for Real Money 2019

Do you want to play games for real money? Here are the best online casinos, slots, and bonuses you can hope for in the USA!

USA Online Casino List

Considering the criteria that we will explain below, here is our list of online casinos in the USA!

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Online Casinos USA 2019

Are you looking for a spot of real money gambling in USA online casinos? There are plenty of options to choose from, to be sure, but don’t go running into the first one you see or hear about. You don’t want to throw your money on the line without doing a little research first, do you?

And if research is what you need to do, then this is the perfect place for it. You’ll learn about the safest, most reliable payment methods for the USA. Furthermore, we’ll discuss the various types of games and bonuses for your pleasure. You’ll find out about all this and much more! Finally, we’ll list of the best real online casino games for real money in the United States!

So let’s begin with analyzing the most popular channels of payment!

Payment Methods for USA

Everybody takes the way they handle money seriously, especially if transferring it to another person or organization. Top online casinos are more than aware of this, which is why the majority of them offer a wide array of different payment channels. All the finest casinos do what they can to accommodate the safest payment and deposit methods. Of course, the smartest course of action for you is to check the ways a casino will allow you to pay before making any commitments.

Here are the most common ways people make their transfers with their casinos of choice:

Debit Cards

You’ll come across debit card payment options in most U.S. casinos. They’re so popular, in fact, that some virtual betting establishments offer bonuses for using prepaid deposits using your debit card. Among the various options out there, Switch and VISA Electron tend to be the most prominent. Other well-liked alternatives like Mastercard and Maestro are commonplace. 

Credit Cards

Just as popular as debit card deposits, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a casino that won’t accept credit cards. You’ll most frequently see Mastercard and Visa as payment methods. A little more rare sight is the Discover Card, but still not too unusual. Alternatively, you can use American Express, but this will prove a little more difficult. This is because Amex makes an effort to disassociate itself with gambling. Nevertheless, you’ll still stumble upon some casinos that readily accept Amex.

Bank Wire Transfers

When it comes to safety, bank wire transfers are a splendid option for you. However, whereas they boast great security, transferring money this way does take longer than with other deposit alternatives. All the same, your money will be safe, and bank wire works great for handling large sums of money.

Company Wire Transfers

Quite similarly to bank wire transfers, you can rely on a company like Western Union to fund your chosen casino. This method also comes useful when dealing with high amounts of cash.


A newcomer to the financial scene, Bitcoin quickly found its way to casino payment favorites. One of the major reasons why this cryptocurrency enjoys its popularity is because handling it requires no oversight from banks or similar authorities. This makes it a quick, frills-free transfer method. The only problem with Bitcoin in general is its volatile value compared to traditional fiat currencies.

Mobile Casino Games

Mobile gaming, overall, is rapidly becoming more widespread. Technology has been increasing fast enough to enable terrific graphics and faster processing power for mobile devices. Numerous developers, such as Microgaming and RealTime Gaming, have already used this advancement to their advantage, creating awesome mobile games.

The ability to play on casinos online for real money on your phone has not gone unnoticed by gamers and casinos alike. That’s why casinos are quick to cater to mobile users with tons of games for mobile play. Nowadays, practically every casino has a mobile-friendly version of their games. 

Many of them have casino apps dedicated to providing their games in mobile-screen format. Depending on where you download them, there are versions compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry, among other platforms. A vast number of them are readily available for fast downloading on stores such as Google Play. On the other hand, many a casino will have the download link on their own website. 

Bonus Types

Virtual real money casinos want you to keep coming back to play more. That’s why they have a vast range of bonuses for you! These can be handed out as welcoming gifts to first-time customers or as a reward for reaching certain milestones. There are, naturally, other reasons why a casino would want to grant you a bonus. Regardless, online gamblers can enjoy various kinds of bonuses, the best of which we will elaborate on here.

No Deposit Bonus

Getting a no-deposit bonus is a great welcoming package for novel players. The point of the no-deposit bonus is to give you a particular amount of cash. You needn’t deposit any money to receive this cash. Afterward, you’re free to spend this bonus on certain games which the casino highlights for you. This deal works for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the casino and games to which the bonus applies.

Free Spins Bonus

This is simply another version of the no-deposit bonus. The only difference is that instead of money, you’re given a set number of free spins on some games — which games and how many spins varies from one establishment to another. For instance, BoVegas (among other games) offers 35 free spins on Voodoo Magic and 60 on Cash Bandits. 

Playthrough Deposit Bonus

A playthrough bonus becomes reachable to players only when they’ve played enough spins. For example, let’s say you deposit $35 into your casino. The bonus could be obtained if you wager something like 20 or 30 times this amount. Individual casinos decide how much you need to play in order to unlock the bonus. However, it’s usually in the ballpark of 20x to 50x.

Time Limit Deposit Bonus

When your betting provider gifts you with a deposit bonus, they may give you a time limit to play through it. It’s not anything urgent, mind you, so don’t worry. No, you’ll usually get anything between 30 and, in some cases, 90 days to use up your bonus.

Reload Bonus

Players that prefer to spend less money frequently get a lot out of reload bonuses. It works as a kind of loyalty prize for regular players. With a reload, you have repeated smaller bonuses based on your deposits. This kind of package lets you spread out your payments over several minor transfers into the casino.

Game Types

Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Naturally, casinos follow this mantra to the letter, accumulating a hoard of diverse games and titles. They offer anything from table games to slots to everything that defies classification. If their patrons ever feel bored with the same old slots, for example, they can simply choose another game on the same website. The casino keeps their customer, and the customer gets something fresh. Everyone wines!

Here are the most common games you’ll discover (and likely play) while gambling online.


Slots are the crown jewel of any website-based casino. They’re normally the ones with the most stunning graphics and highest entertainment value. The most common variants are the classic 3-reel, 5-reel slots, video slots, and progressive slots. Often you will see that slot games contain a slew of engaging bonus features and bonus games. 

These games often sport visuals and sounds from famous cultural products like Planet of the Apes or Lovecraft’s mythos. They’re typically barrels of fun to play, and you stand a chance of cashing out some serious money!


Another beloved game of any casino (both online and land-based), roulette wheels grace the pages of any worthwhile virtual casino. The most widespread roulette versions are French, European, American, and live dealer. Before you spin that wheel, though, make sure you’re familiar with the differences between the types of roulette that exist. 


Many a casino will lay out dozens of virtual blackjack games for you to play. It’s one of the most well-known card games, after all. There are tons of variations to the blackjack formula. But you’ll surely come across the likes of Perfect Pairs, Spanish 21, Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, and Match Play 21.


An industry staple, baccarat appears in virtually every casino you’ll see. As you might expect, there are loads of types of baccarat for you to play for real money. They can be played live or the standard way, so you’ll be able to opt for the kind you prefer.

Video Poker

Video poker is the hidden goldmine among casino games. VP puts a virtual touch on the 5-card draw poker game. Few players (inexperienced ones in particular) realize they stand a better chance of winning with VP. Statistically, it actually has a higher payout rate than most other games. 


What casino would be complete without a craps table, even if it’s virtual? Yes, online craps are a dime a dozen and attract dice lovers across the globe. The beauty of craps is the fast-paced action, requiring next to no strategy and memorization. You just roll the dice and have a blast!

How We Select The Finest Games

Here at CasinoBros, we want to ensure you have access to all the top-of-the-shelf titles. Having the bragging rights to say that requires an extensive selection process. So how did we winnow the best games in the U.S.? We came up with a few rigorous criteria by which to decide a game’s quality. If it satisfies these conditions, a game may join our ranks. 

Here are the most crucial factors we consider when considering a title:


In our opinion, a great game for real money needs to be fair above all else. Primarily, that entails it having a solid RTP (Return to Player). But it goes beyond that since you need to consider everything that will unfairly skew the odds against the player. Once we’ve deemed a game fair, it can undergo further evaluation.

Bonus Features

Bonus features present a wonderful opportunity for developers to show off their creative flair. That’s why we now have countless innovative bonus features and bonus games. When looking at a game, we determine how the features help you win big. In addition, we figure out if these bonuses are worth the trouble of reaching them.


Sometimes, a game can just be plain fun. It sounds vague, but a title has great entertainment value thanks to a series of gameplay characteristics. Are the bonus features spectacular? Does anything in the game appear padding or simply superfluous? Things like that take much away from the playing experience. But the tight game design will result in a game that has you spinning reels for hours without even noticing! 


We can pretend all day that looks don’t matter, but a well-presented title will see significantly more play than plain-looking ones. The presentation comes down to two facets: visuals and sounds. A well-executed presentation shows that the development team put great care into creating their game. We appreciate a slick-looking game as much as the next casino, so aesthetics quality also factors into our decision.

RTG & Rival Casino Advantages

RealTime Gaming and Rival Casino are both reputable software developers. They center their work around creating the best casino games they can. But what sets them apart from other game creators?


RTG has been around for a long time. They first began providing us with games in 1998, so you know they have tons of experience under their belts. This means that they’ve gotten a very good grasp on what constitutes a quality casino game. They’re experts at creating virtual card games and slots. They honed their skills thanks mostly to their attentiveness to player feedback.

Besides their long history, the folks at RTG pride themselves on crafting each title with care and precision. That means that if you see RTG on the intro screen, you know the game will be at least fine. Nine times out of ten, though, they release terrific titles that become classics. They’re the masterminds behind stellar releases like Stardust, Pig Winner, and Ancient Gods.

Rival Casino

Although they’re more recent than RTG (in business since 2005), they’ve nevertheless proven their worth. They’ve been admirably prolific, producing a myriad of slots, video poker, and table game titles. That means there’s a wide selection of their games to play.

Where Rival Casino truly shines, however, is their presentational prowess. The graphical quality of their games is regularly outstanding. Their skills of making beautiful-looking games have gotten to the point where you can almost guess if a title is developed by Rival Casino based solely on how pleasing it is to the eye. If you prefer top-notch graphics, you can’t fail with RC. 

Huge Variety of RTG and Rival Casino Games

Another significant advantage that both RTG and Rival Casino games have is the sheer amount of them. They’ve managed to amass loads of games of all kinds. They’ve dipped their toes in making nearly every casino game under the sun. Both developers have released well above a hundred games! Thus, choosing their products will not leave you wanting for more.

What’s the Difference Between real money and Free Casino Games?

You hear the words free casino games mentioned a whole lot in the online gambling scene. This sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? A slots game for free that doesn’t require any money to play? Is it free cash? We’ll single out the differences between real money and free games here.

Real Money Casino Games

As you might imagine, you play real money games using actual cash. You do so at a reputable casino, and you deposit some money with which to play. Every time you place a bet, you stake a portion of your deposit. On the other hand, every time you win, you add cash to your deposit.

The pros and cons of these games are quite clear. When you play at online casinos for real money, you stand a chance to win actual cash partaking in them. But you also risk losing that money. That’s the thrill that keeps players coming back to their favorite games, time and time again.

Free Games

Free games serve an entirely different purpose. You don’t have to invest any actual money to participate. However, you can’t win any money, either. They basically function as demos people can explore or simply engage in for fun.

While they lack any profitability, there are distinct advantages to free games. One of those is that you can get a good gauge of how the game works before staking money. If you find out that it isn’t quite your thing, you can find another, consequence-free.

If it does appeal to you, though, the free version can act as your testing grounds. You can use it extensively to acquire a sense of how it works and how to approach it. Alternatively, you might encounter free games at an online casino for promotional purposes like free spins bonuses.

How We Select The Best Casinos

As with our game selection, we also consider a ton of factors when choosing which online casinos to recommend. The last thing we would wish to do is direct you to an unprofessional or downright dangerous wagering environment. That’s why we take into account the following whenever we recommend both new online casinos and old.

Quality of Games

The first thing a player wants from a casino is to provide high-quality games. Nobody wants to torture themselves with poor titles! When we look into a casino, we inspect their selection and apply the quality-determining process we described earlier. If you need a refresher on how it goes, it considers fairness, the quality of bonus feature, the entertainment factor, and presentation.

Diversity of Games

We actively look for casinos that host a diverse set of game types. The recommended websites you’ll see below all contain vast amounts of different titles. They have all the hallmark games you could find in a casino. They also feature different developers and titles that put a unique spin on the formula.

Payment Methods

The best online casinos simply must provide the player with plenty of payment options. People tend to be sensitive when it comes to their money, and for a good reason. Therefore, every casino on this list offers several deposit and payment methods, as well as quick transfer times.


Crooked casinos are a stain on the gambling industry. You can rest assured that the ones we’ve selected pose no threat to your money. They are completely free of any shady business or shaky money handling of any stripe.

Support Quality

Sometimes, things go awry. That’s fine, it happens all the time. No matter whose fault it is, however, a good casino will be quick and courteous while addressing a problem. All of our recommendations pride themselves in helpful and understanding support that’s quick to pounce into action.


Now you’re up to speed regarding all the vital information regarding online gambling. We would like to leave you with one last piece of advice though. Whenever you zero in on an online casino U.S. provides, don’t rush headlong into its games. Use caution, and read their terms and conditions. Every casino worth their salt will have clearly stated rules of conduct. Make sure to know for certain what features you can receive and where you can use them. Being prudent pays off, so stay safe and enjoy!


Is online gambling legal in the USA?

In the vast majority of countries, online gambling is legal in the U.S. This is mostly because it doesn’t explicitly say anywhere that it’s illegal. Despite that, recent legal efforts have pushed to make online gambling officially legal in all U.S. states. Currently, the only state that prohibits it is Washington. Meanwhile, New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada have legally regulated online gambling.

How to play casino games online for real money?

To play online casino games for real money, U.S. citizens should find a casino that they find appealing. Then they create an account on their website. They should also make some sort of deposit unless your casino says not to or maybe gives you a no-deposit bonus. Once they’ve become a verified member, they’re free to choose their game and play!

Where to play casino games online for real money?

You can play online casino games for real money in one of the hundreds of casinos out there! But it’s not safe to play without doing some research. You first need to check if your country allows using online casinos in the first place. You should also avoid playing on shady offshore online casino sites. These can take your money without facing any legal consequences since they operate outside your country’s jurisdiction. To be safe, choose U.S.-based casinos.

How can I deposit and withdraw real money from online casinos?

There exist many ways for a player to transfer money to and from their casino. There are debit and credit cards (like Visa or Mastercard), wire transfers, PayPal, Skrill, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Before you pick a casino, check what kinds of payment channels they accept.

Is there an online casino real money USA PayPal site?

Unfortunately, there is no U.S. online casino real money website that allows you to make deposits and payments via PayPal. The 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act forced most web wallets out of the U.S. market. Therefore, you won’t find an online casino that offers PayPal as a payment method.